The Online Legal Portal – accessing your lawyer online

Yesterday I wrote about the launch of our new firm website and I promised I’d detail some of the changes we’ve made. Today I’ll talk about the Online Legal Portal and why I think this is a change that benefits our clients.

More and more of our business (and personal) activities have moved to the online space – banking, ordering supplies, research, selling, marketing – all of these now have a large, if not an exclusive, online component. Accessing your legal counsel should not be any different. Through our Online Legal Portal, you are now able to access your lawyer through the internet, so to speak. Our portal gives you the ability to communicate with our lawyers, collaborate on files, make appointments and get notifications on the current status through a secure interface – and all from the comfort of your computer.

True, these functions can be carried on through email. But while I can make sure that my email is secure, encrypted and backed up, I cannot be sure that all my clients enjoy the same level of security from their email providers. The Online Legal Portal is built on a secure interface that ensures that all communication between you and the law firm is encrypted, making it difficult for it to be intercepted while being transmitted.

Besides the added security and privacy, the Online Legal Portal provides other benefits. Since the Online Legal Portal is accessible via the internet, it is accessible to you from any location where you have internet use. (Of course, as with all sensitive functions you perform over the internet such as banking, you need to be careful of where and when you access this information.) Also, as with all other services that are accessible through the web, the Online Legal Portal is available 24/7 meaning you have access to the information you need anytime you want it.

These benefits to you are also benefits to me. Because the Portal is secure with few risks of interception, I can better fulfil my ethical duty of confidentiality with regards to the information you share with me. I can access your files and information 24/7 and from wherever I have internet access (of course being prudent as to when and where I am accessing this information). And all the information regarding you and your matter are accessible in one spot, cutting down on my administrative costs.

On the back-end, the Online Legal Portal also provides other functionality that we plan to use to roll out additional new features to help our clients and other users who need our help. Keep a look-out for those.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the Online Legal Portal, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Sapna Mahboobani is a business and technology lawyer at Sapna Law Professional Corporation. Having worked with IT and the internet all of her adult life, she is constantly looking at ways to leverage the world wide web to improve her practice and provide her clients with the excellent service they deserve. She would love to hear from you to discuss new ideas around this.


About Sapna Law

I am a business and technology lawyer and founder of Sapna Law in Toronto, Canada. I work with tech companies at all stages - from start-up to well established, advising on corporate/commercial and technology law issues.
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