Start-Up Service Plans – taking the sting out of legal fees for new businesses

Today I’d like to highlight my firm’s Start-Up Service Plans and provide a little bit of background info on why we decided to offer these services. These plans were designed to help new businesses plan for their legal expenses when they first set up.

One of the motivations of Sapna Law is making it easier for businesses to access legal services. And a huge barrier to access for businesses just starting out is the lack of large sums of money to pay a lawyer’s retainer up-front. This is a deterrent to many new businesses who have other more tangible uses for their cash. I understand this hesitation – when I started out, I felt the same way when I paid my Law Society fees and malpractice insurance in one lump-sum payment. I opted for SaaS models for legal billing and client management rather than paying thousands of dollars for the stand-alone software.

Borrowing from my own experiences, I made a conscious effort to structure my fees so that my start-up clients could budget for their legal expenses.  The Start-Up Plans are one result of this. The current plans embody three common types of start-up clients, depending on the number of founders and what they want to accomplish at start-up. Depending on the legal services they need, the plans run from three months to a year with a fixed monthly payment every month. Such a payment model helps with cash flow while bringing predictability to the new business’s legal spend.

One thing I’d like to point out is that these plans aren’t set in stone. They are just a guideline and can be tweaked in terms of fees, time periods and types of services offered. The objective here is to open the door for alternative billing methods for businesses that are starting out.

If you would like more information about the Start-Up Plans or the services I offer, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss with you.


About Sapna Law

I am a business and technology lawyer and founder of Sapna Law in Toronto, Canada. I work with tech companies at all stages - from start-up to well established, advising on corporate/commercial and technology law issues.
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