Sapna Mahboobani

I am a business and technology lawyer providing corporate legal services to small and medium sized entrepreneurs and businesses. While I serve most industries, I tend to favour tech companies mostly because I have experience as a techie and feel that I can provide value both from the legal as well as the business view-point.

Legal Experience I graduated from the University of Toronto with a dual degree a Masters in Information Studies and a Juris Doctor in Law. I gained valuable experience in corporate/commercial and technology law from a leading national business law firm in downtown Toronto and went on to start my own law firm so that I could concentrate on the areas of law and work on files that I found interesting.

Technology Experience Coming to my techie past, I have a degree in computer engineering from the University of Mumbai. I started my career as an IT developer at one of the world’s leading global IT companies, moving on to the role of business and client development. All these skills are coming handy for my venture with my own practice now – not only when it comes to dealing with clients and their matters but also in running my own firm.

Entrepreneurship Being an entrepreneur is an interesting experience – from learning ways to keeping my practice lean and constantly innovating how I do business. While providing for fun times, this experience also opens my eyes to what my start-up clients face in terms of managing resources. I have worked to eliminate unnecessary overhead, saving on costs and increasing my efficiency and work to pass these savings on to my clients.